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Refinery29 8.12.20 Will The Pandemic Fix Fashion’s Plus-Size Problem — Or Make It Worse?

Georgia Health News 8.12.20 COVID isolation, anxiety ‘really reinforce’ eating disorders


7.29.20 Maintaining Eating Disorder Recovery When You Have a Chronic Illness

10.19.15 Best Advice For Binge Eating Disorder

The New York Times 6.5.20 Disordered Eating in a Disordered Time

The Mighty 4.21.20 COVID-19 Is Affecting More Than Just People With Anxiety and Depression

The Student Printz 3.13.20 Awareness week brings attention to eating disorders

Verywell 3.2.20 7 Top Influencers to Follow for Eating Disorder Recovery

Bustle 2.27.20 If Your Partner Has A History Of Disordered Eating, Here's How To Talk About It

Well+Good 11.27.19 Stop telling young woman to look out for the 'freshman 15'

Childhood Obesity News 10.17.19 Cyberbullying and What to Do About It

American Brain Society 10.8.19 Eating Disorders: What Are The Warning Signs And Are You At Risk?

The Corsair 9.26.19 Weight Stigma Awareness Week Heralds New Instagram Policies 

The Daily Collegian 9.23.19 Weight Stigma Awareness Week: How the Penn State community combats 'fat phobic' society


9.5.19 Men’s Eating Disorders Often Not Recognized

4.8.15 Binge Eating Disorder: How You Can Help

Tinder Swipe Life 3.2.19 Dating In Eating Disorder Recovery Is Really Hard (But Occasionally Amazing)

Dixie Sun News 2.26.19 'NEDA' week encourages others to join fight against fatal disorders
Fashionista 9.6.18 Let's Make the Fashion Industry a Better Place for Those Struggling with Eating Disorders

Alexis Conason, Psy.D. 5.8.18 Getting Beach Body Ready

The Viking Vanguard 4.6.18 Social Media Influences Eating Disorders
Ragan's PR Daily 3.4.18 Using personal stories to destigmatize and address eating disorders

Buzzsaw Magazine 12.13.17 The Internet Can Eat You Alive
The Highly Indy Project 11.18.17 The Expert: Does This Society Make Me Look Fat?

The Quinnipiac Chronicle 11.14.17 NEDA says rate of eating disorders among college students has risen
The Advocate 11.8.17 Eating disorders affect wider spectrum


11.6.17 BEDA/NEDA Conference Recap - Part 2!

11.9.16 How to Self-Care After Election Night
5.31.17 To Honor Mental Health Awareness Month, Releases New Online Resources for Students

8.1.16 Understanding Eating Disorders
Everyday Health 6.21.16 What It Feels Like to Have Binge Eating Disorder
Good Housekeeping 2.26.16 The Most Common Eating Disorder in the United States Is Also the Most Misunderstood
The Huffington Post 3.3.14 Eating Disorders Are More Common Than You Think On College Campuses

HelloPerfect 2.28.14 University of Florida Student Opens Up About Her Struggles With Body Image
The Alligator 4.7.13 Walk hopes to feed awareness for eating disorders
HerCampus 4.3.13 National Eating Disorder Association Walk This Weekend

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